Armenian Exile   (53 minutes)

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The quest for a forgotten identity.

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Armenian Trilogy

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Armenian Exile
The quest for a forgotten identity. ______________

In search of the ultimate connection with a
neglected and sometimes forgotten identity.

In 1988, Nagorno-Karabakh’s war for independence was in the headlines worldwide. Halfway across the world in Canada, Hagop Goudsouzian’s peaceful world was suddenly shaken:  “I had forgotten I was Armenian, until I saw the courage of these people who had never forgotten who they were and knew what they had to do…” says Goudsouzian

Then, again in 1991, the independence of Armenia triggered a new beginning for Hagop Goudsouzian. At this point he no longer had a choice, he embarked on his life’s most important adventure, to touch this mythical land in search of his roots.

Armenian Exile travels with Goudsouzian for his first meeting with Armenia in search of the ultimate connection with his forgotten and sometimes ignored identity.

Armenian Exile is a deliberation seeking clarity where history left off.

Part three of Hagop Goudsouzian's Armenian Trilogyis UPROOTED.Armenian Exileis part one: a video self-portrait in which he pursues his quest for identity, a theme that also inspired him to make My Son Shall Be Armenian(part two) and Mon fils sera Arménien.

Hagop Goudsouzian
is the producer / director of over 250
mainstream Television programs,
10 Armenian films and several shorts.
Apricot Armenian Gold (with Subtitles)
Apricot Armenian Gold (with English Voices)
Armenian Minstrels
Armenian Echoes (three part mini-series)
Armenian Exile (also narrated)

Hagop also directed and narrated:
My Son Shall Be Armenian,
Mon fils sera arménien.
produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

He also produced and directed several shorts,
A Taste of Armenia,
on the famous Goom's Market of Yerevan,
free on some DVDs and Blu-rays.

In 2016 Goudsouzian released:
UPROOTED (also narrated)
Part three of his "Armenian Trilogy."

Goudsouzian is now developing
a feature length documentary.
To sponsor Hagop's new projects, contact
or Sponsor link.

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